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Design, Development


We specialize in providing full web services which are tailored to your budget & needs. Whether it’s 1 hour today, few hours of support or a bigger project, we offer free ballpark quotes to get you started.
When you hire midstride, you work with one technical project lead for everything. The lead manages your project, gets in the trenches on development and manages team members. This means less lines of communication, overhead costs, and more value for your budget.

Websites &
Web Apps

 Laravel / PHP
 Vue.js / JavaScript
 WordPress / Shopify


Maintenance & Support

Is your site running slow? Or does it have a few glitches on mobile phones? If it lives on the web, we can fix it and provide you with solutions that won’t break the bank!

 Web Updates & Fixes
 Performance Report & Upgrades
 Security Audits / Review
 Code Quality Review
 SEO Analysis


Need a technical Lead or fill in CTO?

We work with startups and small businesses to help them figure out what’s possible, how much it  costs, and how to organize a process to build their vision.

Technical Hiring & Interviews
Reviewing software / providers
Business Canvas Model Generation
Landing & Marketing Pages

How We Work


Need a few hours of support to help you with your website or application? You can hire us for as little as 1 hour to help you with development or general technical consultation.

On Demand Requests

Have an issue you need fixed ASAP? Send us an email and we’ll assess the problem to give you an idea of what you’re looking at.

Fixed or On Going

Have a project that requires on going support or a bigger project on a fixed budget? Send us an email and we can give you some ballparks to get things started.

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Our HQ is located on Vancouver Island BC, but we primarily operate remotely.

Have a question? Send us an email!

E-mail: andre.liem@midstride.com