Midstride is a nimble web development company that operates remotely and is headquarted on Vancouver Island, Canada.

As the founder of my own business, my mission is to deliver professional web solutions with exceptional value – the kind of value that I seek out of other professional services myself.

When you hire Midstride, you are hiring me, Andre Liem. With over 15 years of software development experience, I am your point person. Akin to a “General Contractor” that you might hire to build a new home, I carefully review your needs and assemble a team of specialized contractors just for your project.

I operate on a “time and materials” basis which means I will provide an estimate for your full scope of work, but you are only charged for the hours you need without the overhead of a big company.

Sometimes the project team is just me, other times it’s me running point with a team of developers that I’ve vetted and that I ensure continue to deliver high quality work. I am always there for my clients – when you need help, you can email, message, or phone me direct.

Andre Liem