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Our goal with every client is to build a website that is positioned to convert visitors. This requires clean design, great copy, and a professionally coded site that is fast & secure.

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“Midstride has done work for me for almost 10 years. They built my first site as well as my current site and has continued to do updates and some SEO. They are great to work with and very knowledgeable. They work with your vision and gives you the best options for what you need keeping within your budget. Highly recommended!

Florence Yip – Director of North Burnaby Physiotherapy
Websites Driven to Perform

A great website goes beyond design and branding. A website should be optimized to convert visitors into customers. This starts with solid hosting, secure delivery, quality development and most importantly effective copy & design to optimize engagement with prospective customers. Put together effectively, this positions your business for maximum growth and higher returns on your investment.

3 Pillars of our Services


Concierge Website Hosting

All high performing Websites need rock solid hosting which is fast and secure. Learn More


Premium Reports

Our premium reports give a clear picture of your site’s performance and where to invest your budget. Learn More


Maintenance & Care

Midstride offers affordable services to keep your website running optimally. Keeping you one step ahead of your competitors. Learn About Our Packages

Outperform your competitors.

Speed is important, it affects your search rankings and customer experience. Don’t take our word for it, read this article from Google.


Better SEO

Search Engines like Google take speed into consideration when ranking your websites. Making sure your site is optimized is critical for any marketing strategy.


Happy Visitors = New Customers

Don’t make visitors wait in line. Faster websites have higher customer conversion rates.


Lower Server Overhead = Lower Costs

A site that is optimized uses less resources from your servers and helps keep your costs down. An optimized website can reduce your bandwidth needs by 50-80%.


Lower Bounce Rates

Faster sites result in lower bounce rates which translates to more views to your site for each visitor.


Branding and Speed

Slow websites give poor impressions to customers. With the plethora of cheap WordPress hosting, it’s important your business does everything it can to stay ahead of the pack by delivering a fast experience.


Mobile Traffic

Mobile usage accounts for close to 50% of web traffic and yet most websites mobile sites take 22 seconds to load. Compare that to the average desktop speed of 6 seconds. It’s critical that your website minimizes the bandwidth sent to mobile devices.

Why hire Midstride?

Midstride has been in the web business since 2007, helping customers build everything from custom websites to web applications. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our web solutions & tools to stay ahead of the game. The web solutions and strategies that we provide to our clients are the same ones we use to grow our business. Ultimately, by letting us take care of your web presence, you can focus on growing your business.

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Premium Hosting

Concierge Website

At Midstride, we offer hosting on world class servers which are specialized for running secure, and high performing websites.

From security, maintenance, to scaling we will ensure your site is in a good place. We go beyond just providing servers, at Midstride we provide peace of mind. If something goes wrong, we’ll be there for you.

Secure from Hackers

Automatic Upgrades

Free Migration of existing sites

Servers Available Specifically For WordPress

Premium Reports

Premium Web Site Reports.

At Midstride, we offer premium web reports which give our customers clear and easy to understand reports on how your web site is doing.

Understanding Google Analytics doesn’t have to be difficult, we break it down to the most important metrics so you know how your site is doing month to month.

Google Analytics Simplified

See the most important metrics in one easy to read report.

Compare Month to Month

See how your site is doing month to month to measure performance.

SEO Analysis

Quick summarized insights into how your site is performing on search engines.

Custom Reports

All reports in our “Web Booster” package include individualized assessments.

Why We Usually Recommend WordPress.


WordPress is the most popular Website Content Management System (CMS) in the world. When built by a professional, a WordPress site enables businesses to launch affordable websites that are fast, safe and more adaptable to technological change. The eco-system of 3rd party plugins gives owners the ability to add new features in minutes, rather than days. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has a large team of professional software developers who are constantly upgrading and patching bugs.

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